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~Lex Mintoogennivu 21.Jan.04 08:03 PM a Web browser
Applications Development 6.0.2 CF2 Windows 2000

Not sure what the cause is. Looking for some help please.

I have a database, that I have disabled creating replicas or copying of the db to most. One of the forms in the DB has a mailsend command, nothing fancy so that it emails a doclink of the current document.

@Command([MailSend];SendTo;"";"";"SUBJECT";"BODY BODY ========>" +
@NewLine + @NewLine + "Please click on doclink to see document";[IncludeDoclink]);

Users that have R5 have no problems using this button; however, users with R6 get the error "YOu are not authorized to replicate or copy from this database". People that are using R5 do not have replica's either, nor do they need them to send the email. I've ensured that the people I've tested with in R6 do not have local replicas. If I test with someone that has the access to replicate , it works fine.
Why is replication access required for a mailsend command in R6, but not R5?
Rob Lenihan

"You are not authorized to replicat... (~Lex Mintoogenn... 21.Jan.04)
. . RE: "You are not authorized to repl... (~James Nonjumit... 21.Jan.04)
. . . . RE: "You are not authorized to repl... (~Lex Mintoogenn... 21.Jan.04)

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